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Ianire angulo

PhD in Sacred Scripture (UPCo) and graduate in Theology of Religious Life (UPSa).


Religious Slave of the Blessed. Eucharist and the Mother of God.


Professor of Sacred Scripture at the Faculty of Theology of the Loyola Andalucía University in Granada.


He has written in various collective works and magazines.


Gallo Bilbao

PhD in Theology. Degree in Philosophy and Theology.


Professor of Ethics at the University of Deusto and member of the Center for Applied Ethics.


Member of the Diocesan Institute of Theology and Pastoral Care of Bilbao and head of the area of Peace and Reconciliation.


Participant in initiatives for peace in Euskadi: Gesture for Peace and Bakeaz, projects with victims of terrorism "Víctimas Educadoras" and "Glencree".


Virginia Cagigal

PhD in Psychology.


Specialist in Clinical Psychology. Family and Couples Therapist and teacher in Family Therapy accredited by the FEATF.


Until 2022, Director of the UNINPSI Clinical Psychology Unit (Comillas).


Professor of the Department of Psychology at UPCo.

He has taught at various national and international universities.


Jorge Canarias

Degree in Law, in Ecclesiastical Sciences and in Canon Law.


He has worked as a stable employer and auditor in the Ecclesiastical Court of the Diocese of Bilbao.


Professor at the Faculty of Theology of the University of Deusto, collaborator of the Center for Applied Ethics of that University and student of its Doctoral Program in Human Rights: Ethical, Social and Political Challenges.


Miguel Campo

PhD in Canon Law (UPCo). Degree in Law and History of the Church.


Professor at the Faculty of Canon Law and at the Faculty of Law (ICADE) of the Comilla Pontifical Universitys.

Legal adviser of the CONFER.


Main areas of teaching and research: Law of Temporal Goods of the Church, Ecclesiastical Law of the State and Law of Consecrated Life.


Jonatan Caro

PhD and graduate in philosophy, master's degree in Biblical Studies: History and influence of the Bible and bachelor's degree in theology.


Professor at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the University of Deusto.


He has coordinated the extracurricular solidarity and culture programs and currently coordinates the Learning and Service modality within the Module of Human Formation in Values subjects.


Research areas: practical philosophy and identity construction in (post)secular and (post)modern societies.


Valeska Ferrer

Doctor in Canon Law from the Comillas Pontifical University. Graduate in Law (USAL) and in Ecclesiastical Studies (UPCo). Expert in the development of Intelligence, Higher Capacity and Neuropsychology (UCJC).

Jordan Project Coordinator since September 2021. Professor at the Faculty of Law (ICADE) of the UniversityPontifical Comillas.

Lawyer at the Ecclesiastical Court of Madrid in cases of ecclesiastical annulment of marriage.

Main areas of research: Canon Criminal Law and Restorative Justice.


Nurya Martínez-Gayol

PhD in Dogmatic Theology from the Gregorian University of Rome. Degree in Theology (UPSA).


Professor of the Department of Dogmatic Theology of the UPCo. Between 2006 and 2015 he has been Head of Studies at the TUP.

Research areas focus on: Reparation (theology, history and spirituality), Ignatian Theology and Spirituality y Reconciliation.


Julio Martinez

PhD in Theology from the Comillas Pontifical University. Graduate in Theological Ethics from the Weston School of Theology (Cambridge) and Graduate in Philosophy from the UPCo.

Professor of the Faculty of Theology and the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences of the UPCo


AResearch areas focus on: Religion in public life, religion and politics; hereligious freedom, liberalism and communitarianism; y citizenship and contemporary migrations.

Screenshot (21)_edited.jpg

Diego Molina

PhD in Theology from the Faculty of Theology Sankt Georgen (Frankfurt/Main) and Bachelor of Classical Philology from the Complutense University. Philosophy studies at UPCo and theology in Granada.

Professor at the Faculty of Theology of Granada, Loyola-Andalusia University; and at the Faculty of Theology of San Miguel (Argentina, 2001-2020).


Research areas: ecclesiology, history of theology and Protestant theology.


Carmen Peña

Doctor in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid, Graduate and Doctor in Canon Law from the UPCo. Graduate in Ecclesiastical Studies (UPSa) and Graduate in Dogmatic and Fundamental Theology (UPCo).


Professor at the Faculty of Canon Law of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas. dDirector of the Master in Canonical Matrimonial Causes.


Research areas: canonical regulation of marriage and canonical processes, women and lay people in the Church, synodality, family and conciliation.


Maria Prieto

Doctor in Philosophy and Letters from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Graduate in Psychology (UPCo).

Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the UPCo. Director of the Department of Psychology (2007-2013) and Coordinator of the Doctoral Program "Individual, Family and Society: a multidisciplinary vision" (2013-2016).


Research areas: gambling addiction, minors with mental disorders. psychopathy, work stress, psychology of forgiveness, well-being in caregivers. 


Oriol Quintana

Associate Professor of the Chair of Ethics and Christian Thought
Member of the coordination team of Identity and Mission activities at IQS- Ramon Llull University.


Sandra Racionero

Double doctorate in Psychology and Curriculum from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Deputy to the Coordinator of the Project Promoting a Consistent Culture of Protection of the General Curia of the Society of Jesus in Rome.


4th researcher in the international ranking in terms of “safeguarding” and 8th in “child sexual abuse”.

jose luis_edited.jpg

José Luis Sánchez-Girón

Doctor and graduate in Canon Law from the Pontifical Gregorian University (Rome). Graduate in Law, Business Sciences and Theology.


Professor at the Faculty of Canon Law.

Judge "ad casum" in the ecclesiastical Court of the Archdiocese of Madrid. He intervenes in criminal proceedings of the Church. 

Research areas: Legal-canonical system and new pastoral challenges.


Gabino Uribarri

PhD in Theology and graduate in Philosophy and Letters (Philosophy sect.).


Professor of Theology at Comillas since 1994. Currently Ordinary Professor (professor).


He directs the Estudios Ecclesiastical magazine. He is a member of the International Theological Commission.


His latest publications revolve around Christology, eschatology and evangelization.

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